Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Feltron's infographic memoriam, a 50-year-old single-malt, psychedelic paint pours and more in our weekly survey of the web


1. Threadless Thermos

Threadless teamed up with Thermos for a design contest with a handsome reward. To enter, submit a kickass graphic for a t-shirt and Thermos bottle to Threadless through 20 February 2011. The winner takes home $2,000 in cash, $500 Threadless Gift Certificate and a 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi.

2. Love, Family and Change in Brooklyn

Photographer Russel Fredrick’s striking street photography profiling Bedford-Stuyvesant over the last decade is the subject of a recent post on the New York Times’ Lens blog. The series mixes portraits of artists with intimate family scenes as it captures a transitioning neighborhood.

3. Temple Bags for Mosley Tribes

Available exclusively from Barney’s, Mosley Tribes’ new green-mirrored aviator is an accessory that comes with extra-special accessories of its own. Temple bags made the case and sleeve using materials sourced from European military surplus.

4. The 2010 Feltron Annual Report

For his 2010 Annual Report, designer Nicholas Felton created another incredible set of infographics, this time in tribute to his father who passed in September. The detailed report spans his entire life, from the number of passport stamps he had (239) to his Golden Gate toll booth lane preference (6).


5. A.P.C. Specials

For their second Manhattan store, one featuring denim, collaborations and their ongoing quilt project, A.P.C. tapped architect Laurent Deroo, who’s responsible for quite a few of the French clothier’s outposts, including some in Los Angeles, London, Paris and Tokyo. The resulting West Village jewelbox of a space has the same pale wood and minimalist design of the others but with subtly off-kilter angles and a custom wrap-around bar to display clothes.

6. Beat Rockers

James Kim and Justin Kim behind it, along with Taylor McFerrin (yes, as in Bobby’s son) as director, this innovative free workshop teaching beat boxing to visually-impaired students has a strong foundation. Help it get its wings by contributing through the project’s Kickstarter page.

7. Highland Park 50

Distilled in 1960, Highland Park 50 is the result of just five oak casks and some of the world’s oldest single-malt scotch. The liquid tastes like a blend of muscovado sugar and spicy tannins, hinting at an expensive cigar with notes of raisins and nutmeg. Announced last year, the first of the 275 bottles were released internationally this past week, with only five in the U.S. More of those bottles will be released in subsequent years. They’ll be tough to find, and with a suggested retail price of $17,500 per bottle not for every connoisseur.

8. Pouring paint patterns is a trip

New York-based artist Holton Rower got groovy with his new piece, a psychedelic live painting experience that is truly trippy Lucky for us the whole process was taped, check out the video here.