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Three Healthy Snacks

New tasty potato chip stand-ins that are better for you too

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Made with real sweet potatoes in North Carolina, Polka Dot Bake Shop‘s sweet potato cracker makes a healthier alternative to snacks made from their simple carb cousins. Available in four flavors—Original, Cracked Black Pepper, Rosemary and Olive Oil and Chipotle with Smoked Paprika—the crackers pack a flavorful punch that perfectly compliments milder cheeses or chutneys. They sell online from Polka Dot where $28 gets you a box of each flavor.


Mrs. Palmer’s Pantry uses handmade whole wheat pita as a base for their super tasty baked chip with zero trans fats. Ideal with salsa, guacamole and more, the chips come in five flavors for any number of chip and dip flavor combos. Mrs. Palmer’s pita chips sell at local Canadian health food stores.


Gluten-free, dairy-free and comprised of 15 organic vegetables and herbs, Flamous Brands Original and Spicy Falafel Chips pack in protein and fiber while also tastily complimenting hummus. Made in California, the chips are the upshot of a trio of best friends dedicated to creating a healthy chip anyone can enjoy. The falafel chips sell online for about $5 a bag or from health-conscious grocers around the U.S.

Images of Mrs. Palmer’s chips by David Bennison; Falafel chips by Hannah Kaminsky for The Nibble.


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