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Not Your Average Snack: Wilde Brand Chicken Chips

The meatier, healthier alternative to traditional chips

Truly healthy snacks can be hard to discern among the slew of healthy looking options. And once you find one that fits your diet or preferences they don’t promise to satisfy the desire that snacking commands. The latest snack that satisfies that indescribable indulgence is Wilde Brand Chicken Chips. They’re flakey chips made from 100% premium cuts of chicken with a small amount of tapioca flour and coconut oil. Their taste is akin to chicharrones—if they were baked. Compared with a potato chip, there’s a little less complexity and a bit less crunch, but they’re dense, incredibly tasty and thoroughly satisfying.

Wilde’s Chicken Chips come in four flavors—barbecue, sea salt + vinegar, buffalo and jalapeño—and really outshine comparable snacks in most nutritional categories. There are seven grams of protein, 10 grams of carbohydrates, and about 10 grams of fat in all flavors—though this fat is coming from coconut oil, not traditional oils. And those numbers are for a half bag which is an ample serving. Obviously not vegan—as they’re made with real, premium chicken—they are, however, gluten-free.

Wilde Chicken Chips have just launched at Whole Foods and Sprouts and will be direct-to-consumer ($24 for a box of four bags) starting 1 September.

Images courtesy of Wilde Brand

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