The next generation of traditional Spanish wineskins sure to be a hit at any fiesta

winebotas1.jpg winebotas2.jpg

Whether you’re a budding Hemingway or just fond of the festive Spanish lifestyle, Chicago-based WineBotas has you covered with their vibrant collection of beautifully crafted leather wineskins. The sole U.S. importer of the iconic artisinal wine bags by Jesús Blasco, WineBotas adds to the fifth generation family-run brand by offering nine bright colors (typically botas are tan or black) as well as a collection of custom art botas designed in-house.


Each is comprised of two pieces of tanned goat or calfskin, and feature latex liners in place of pine tree resin (like most botas sold in Spain), and sports a traditional long red rope for slinging it over your shoulder.

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The “life project” of marketing expert Halim Trujillo, WineBotas is the upshot of his multicultural heritage and enthusiasm for Spanish culture. With a Cuban father and Mexican mother, Trujillo grew up “eating Spanish foods at home, drinking wines from Rioja and sipping from a wine bota since I was very young.” He hopes by adding an element of fun to the high quality functional bag, botas will become an easy way to enjoy drinking among friends.

WineBotas sell online for $50-$80.