Toilet Technology

Coffee as Viagra, car crushing, Tokyo in high-def and more in our weekly look at the web

Japanese company Lixil wanted their new luxury Satis toilet to be a high-tech, “interactive” experience by having an Android app remotely control all functions of the toilet, from automatic flushing to deodorizing to even playing music on the toilet’s speakers (for those who are prone to stage-fright). The company noticed one security flaw, however—every toilet was hardwired with the same Bluetooth PIN code (0000), meaning anyone who downloaded the free app could control any Satis toilet. While your mischievous younger brother could prank the bidet to set off during an inopportune time, we aren’t deterred—try showing us another toilet that has a heated seat, soft lighting, plasmacluster technology to balance ion levels and a diary that tracks your digestive health.