Holly Cole Trio: Losing My Mind (Virgin Magnetic Material Feel The Wind Edit)

David Bowie's Warhol tribute, garage rock's new DREAMERS, Christian Tiger School's #PrivateJam and more in the music we tweeted this week

Virgin Magnetic Material remixes—or perhaps more accurately “reinterprets”—works from classic artists such as Led Zeppelin and David Bowie into completely new experiences. But Tel Aviv-based Shai Vardi also has an ear for unleashing the potential in the lesser known, as he does to Holly Cole Trio’s take on the Stephen Sondheim song “Losing My Mind.” The Canadian jazz singer already transforms the 1971 Broadway musical number in her own rendition, but Virgin Magnetic Material adds a minimalist beat and subtle flavor to broaden its appeal even further, resulting in a lounge jam that oozes sex—a track that will convert the most anti-musical fellows.