J Dilla: Last Donut of the Night

Tinariwen stateside, Phantogram's Bill Murray, a tribute to J Dilla and more in the music we tweeted this week

This week marks the eight year anniversary of James Dewitt Yancey’s untimely death, and his birthday. Yancey—better known as J Dilla—was arguably the most influential hip-hop producer ever and his legacy is still evident; so strong, in fact that each year on the late producer’s birthday, fans around the world celebrate Dilla Day on 7 February. This year we couldn’t stop listening to “Last Donut of the Night” from his opus album Donuts, which was released just days before Yancey’s death from a rare blood disease. The track exemplifies his masterful production skills and ability to pair unlikely samples over subtle break beats and key changes. For a full education in Dilla’s work, listen to Donuts front to back.