The Weeknd preview, Pixies' surprise EP, the "Rappin Duke" and more in the songs we tweeted this week


Pixies: Indie Cindy

Perhaps a nod to the years during their reign, the video for Pixies’ “Indie Cindy“—a preview track from their surprising forthcoming EP—is bound by a VHS aesthetic. While the legendary Boston-based band is now sadly operating sans bassist and vocalist Kim Deal (also of Breeders fame), all the sounds that made fans fall in love nearly two decades ago are still there, and Francis Black’s toiling vocals and fragmented lyrics have never felt more refreshing. As Clash announced, the exciting four-track EP is already available for pre-order as a limited edition vinyl release, a format sure to only amplify their classic American alternative rock sound.


The Weeknd: Kiss Land

NPR gave the internet a first crack at The Weeknd’s upcoming album Kiss Land this week, which they describe as Abel Tesfaye’s “manifesto against seeking fame and living your dreams.” Since dropping the mixtape House of Balloons in 2010, the unique crooning Canadian singer has received much critical acclaim—even a comparison to the indelible Michael Jackson. Deeply introspective, emotional and beautifully composed, Kiss Land shows how much Tesfaye has grown, while also eluding to how greatly he will continue to influence his peers and the world around him.


Shawn Brown: Rappin’ Duke

Kool Keith, the self-proclaimed inventor of horrorcore, offered up this week’s #Private Jam and the legendary and slightly insane hip-hop artist did not disappoint, choosing the obscure 1983 track “Rappin’ Duke” (a cultural parody of the times hinting at everyone from John Wayne to Ronald Reagan). Explains Keith, “I think I secretly liked Shawn Brown’s ‘Rappin Duke‘ song. I thought I hated it but found myself repeating the lyrics, ‘So you think you’re bad, with your rap / Well I’ll tell ya pilgrim I started the crap over and over.’ Hahahaha shit got me thinking I may redo that song.”


Prosumer: Dimensions 2013 Mix

CH is on-site at Croatia’s Fort Punta Christa for this year’s second annual Dimensions festival, where 5,000 fans converge to hear today’s top DJs and musicians push the limits of several impressive sound-system setups spreading from the clear-blue waters of the beach up into the hills of the ancient ruins comprising the area. We wish uploading the warm vibes for everyone was possible, but for now have a listen to Prosumer’s Dimensions 2013 Mix and start planning for next year. The four-day festival is definitely one not to miss.


Dizzee Rascal: I Don’t Need a Reason

East London rapper Dizzee Rascal is going full force with his new effects-laden video for “I Don’t Need a Reason.” In an 18th century Versailles-like setting, the video’s political subtext of British colonial rule by an all black court may get lost on some viewers, which is understandable due to the mesmerizing, animated GIF-style of the video. While it’s worth a look just to see Dizzee Rascal partying in full period garb with wacky looped effects, the track carries the upbeat, high-energy UK grime style he’s known for.

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