Röyksopp feat. Robyn: The Girl And The Robot

The historic Nelson Mandela anthem, Kirsten Dunst in anime costume, a lot of NTS radio and more in our look at music this week

This week’s #PrivateJam comes from Saidah Blount at NPR Music Events, who chose the 2009 dark electro-pop jam “The Girl And The Robot.” Swedish siren Robyn lent her powerful vocals to Norwegian duo Röyksopp’s futuristic chord progressions and arpeggiated synths. “Until I heard this song, I didn’t get the all the Robyn hype at all,” admits Blount. “But with the help of the glorious Röyksopp, I instantly understood why people bow at Robyn’s feet—she’s such a modern-day disco diva. This song is super slick, burly and unashamed to be a complete dance floor stormer. I will not deny that I would be ashamed if anyone ever saw how many times it’s been played on my iTunes.”