The Flaming Lips: Turning Violent

From The Flaming Lips' "Turning Violent" to Jesse Woods' "Lazerburn," our look at music this week

One of the Flaming Lips’ darkest works yet; the lyrics, instrumentation and video for “Turning Violent” are uncharacteristically reserved. Steven Drozd’s falsetto vocals and an oscillating bass synth lead you into a deceptive sense of lull, until the peace is shattered by noise feedback and bright flashing lights three minutes in, and Coyne—dressed in an electric blue alien-like suit with jeweled stickers on his face—adds his coarse voice to the anthem. Coinciding with the release is Coyne’s first adult comic book called “The Sun is Sick”, which adds to his oeuvre of different artistic endeavors—including screen-printing with his own blood.