Apparel Inspired by “1984” from The Affair

Big Brother-blocking menswear made from special stealth materials

The-Affair-Party-Jacket.jpg The-Affair-Party-Workshirt.jpg

As demonstrated by Edward Snowden, Big Brother is not just a imaginary entity and the dystopian future depicted in George Orwell’s novel “1984” is drifting closer to non-fiction by the day. This chilling actualization is, in part, what inspired self-taught designer Zoltan Csaki to found The Affair, an apparel brand drawing directly from the maker’s favorite works of literature. Over the past seven years, the brand has existed in more modest terms, though today The Affair takes a leap of faith with a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and promote their “1984” themed collection. Comprised of a work shirt, lightweight jacket, blazer and pair of chinos, the collection is centered around the UnPocket; a small pouch made of police-grade shielding fabric that blocks all cell, WiFi, GPS and RFID signals to and from your phone, bank cards and passport—rendering you invisible to all overstepping authorities.


The cloth UnPocket slips into specially designed pockets on each of the outwear and pant pieces, seamlessly blending in. Each garment features direct references to Orwell’s novel, from “Victory” pockets for soft pack cigarettes to their Party name. Visit The Affair’s crowd-funding page for more insight and information.

Image courtesy of The Affair