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Barking Irons vs. Cool Hunting


The long awaited collaboration t-shirts are here!

Keeps the Bees features Mr.Otis, one of our loving little mascots and is printed on Barking Irons' own buttery soft t-shirt stock. The slim cut t-shirt is vintage white– it's toned down a notch from the usual glare as if it's been worn and loved for many years. We only made 60 of them, so go get yours now!

And if you haven't seen the new line from Barking Irons, it's not to be missed. The designs keep getting better and their printing techniques are unmatched. Many of the shirts are made with this crazy stuff called discharge. It's a highly controllable bleach that is screened on the t like ink. The result– a beautiful design that's invisible to the touch.

For those of you who won one by participating in our Spring Survey, you'll be happy to know we're shipping them out today.


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