Barking Irons Half Off


Mining the rich historical era of 19th century NYC, Barking Irons' fifth collection features the same flawlessly-executed designs that made us fans in the first place. From the emblem-shaped "Honey Bee" design (an homage to speedy fire fighters) to the heart-and-tiger combo evoking the patriotic society and the native chief they were named for, each tee is like a mini history lesson entitling the wearer to a little secret knowledge—and they look good too.

As an exclusive offer for Cool Hunting readers, Barking Irons is offering 50% off their tees for a limited time. For the next week (until Monday, 16 April 2007, 11:59pm EST), follow this link and enter the username "coolhunting" and the password "bombrones" at the prompt to shop!

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