Beautiful Decay Hoodies


Beautiful Decay have the t-shirt game down pat, but as temperatures drop here in the Northern hemisphere, we need something for the cold winter season. Luckily, our friends just released their first line of artist-designed hoodies, their first foray into outerwear.

The cut-and-sew pieces feature the same high quality craftsmanship and super soft fabric we've come to expect, customized stitching and a steel BD zipper pull—no YKK around these parts. BD and CH favorite Aya Kato's fairy tale drawings are featured on the back and front breast of the reversible Native America release (above). I also like the Mush hoodie (below) printed with a custom gray and green design on the back, interior and hidden in the pocket for your own enjoyment.


Not to worry, they have a fresh batch of t-shirts too. Check out and purchase all the designs at Beautiful Decay Apparel.