Beautiful/Decay Tees

For the last decade, Beautiful/Decay magazine has been a platform for new and established underground artists from the graffiti world and beyond. As the brand has increased in popularity, the editors decided to create a T-shirt line devoted uniquely to the artists who are featured in the magazine. By using 100% cotton, 36 Needle Knit, and custom-cut bodies, Beautiful/Decay T-shirts provide an ultra-soft, torso-pleasing canvass for some of the most dynamic wearable images out there. Saiman Chow, the same artist responsible for the adicolor Black video, incorporates a characteristic mix of cute and creepy in his tee (pictured middle), in the same vein as Skwak's mélange of monsters (pictured right). Others, like Aya Kato's swirling geisha (pictured left), while more classically romantic, still create a unique graphic pattern that looks fresh layered or on its own.

$30 from the Beautiful/Decay shop.