Bobster Interchangable Lens Eyewear


I discovered Bobster sunglasses in a small Army/Navy surplus store in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. After a bit of investigating, I found out that this California-based company has been cranking out quality eyewear for some time. The selling point is that each pair has interchangable lenses for different lighting conditions; detachable straps converting them into goggles and ridiculously low prices. A pair can cost as little as $30.

While they're not the most stylish out there, the bugeyed glasses' selling point is their versatility. They're ideal for winter sports, motorbiking or any active outdoor activity in virtually any weather condition. It doesn't hurt that they have extra features such as anti-fog coating, memory foam goggles and pass ANSI quality and safety testing which makes them approved for police officers, lab workers and the like. I'm waiting for my pair to wear out or break so I can upgrade to a different style but their sturdiness makes it unlikely that they'll fail me anytime soon.