Sometimes it seems the rest of the world gets America better than America gets itself. In this case, it’s UK online clothing and accessories store FUSShop doing its best for a peek at American style street culture. Sure it’s petty much global now, but check out the sites subversive takes on classically banal American iconography like the college tee and the P.T.A. meeting staple “Hello My Name Is” sticker (replaced with “Hello My Url Is Fussclothing.com”). One favorite is a MHI outlaw tagger version of the eye patched, helmet and crosswords Oakland Raiders pirate, outfitted with a peace symbol.

Starting out as an online site for limited edition t-shirts they’ve branched out into carrying streetbased art magazines like Lodown and Refill, and for serious sneaker enthusiasts, Nike Air Force1 posters from Assault.

by Patrick Speckman