Gantoli Cycling Gloves

Leather palmed cycling gloves find inspiration in the glory days of European road racing


Like many of us, the minds behind Montreal-based Gantoli Cycling Accoutrements are inspired by a bygone era they didn’t actually live through. For CH contributor Mike Giles and Garry Vickers that time is the early 20th century, the glory days of European cycling. Driven to design a product reminiscent of such a significant period, the two enthusiasts of vintage bikes and cycling’s legendary heritage created a series of unisex road riding gloves with a timeless look and feel.

Gantoli-Cycling-Gloves-italy-2.jpg Gantoli-Cycling-Gloves-3.jpg

The brand’s debut collection is comprised of three styles in the flag colors of Italy, Germany and France—for their longstanding influence in cycling—as well as another stripe and two neutral hues. Each pair in the collection is expertly made using supple leather and woven cotton rope, secured with a velcro closure.


Available now exclusively through Gantoli Cycling Accoutrements for $28, and $30 for those with knuckle cut-outs for greater dexterity.

Images courtesy of Gantoli Cycling Accoutrements