Thousand’s 1970s-Style Gloves

The LA-based company releases limited edition cycling accessories

When Thousand founder Gloria Hwang lived in Austin, she would frequent the FrankenBike swap-meet to find parts for the vintage bikes she was building. There she met a guy that the cycling enthusiasts fondly called “new old stock guy,” who sold ’70s-era bike parts and accessories. One time he had mint condition leather bike gloves on offer, and Hwang bought every pair. “They were really well made. Goat skin leather. Functional, but beautiful,” she says. “I am a casual cyclist. I don’t want to wear racing gloves. For me they are the perfect function-meets-design. A comfortable fit is important. There are certain places that have natural bends that cushion your hands.”

Seven years later, Hwang has not only founded Thousand, but also wore out all of her beloved FrankenBike gloves. On a quest to find more she realized that gloves would be the perfect second product release for the company. Hwang found a factory in Pakistan that was able to help her recreate the gloves she loves, down to the pattern and stitch-work.

Thousand gloves launches today in a limited edition of 250. We especially love the two designs that feature woven crocheted stripes. Each pair of gloves will arrive packaged with an original vintage cycling card. “I love old things,” Hwang says. “A while ago I saw cards on cycling forums, the original cards Sportscaster released showing the greatest cycling moments in history. The 1970s was a great period for cycling. Eddie Merckx won the most Tour de France races. We have been online scouring cycling forums and eBay to find 250 of these cards for our glove launch.” Now the entire package has a distinctly nostalgic vibe that is sure to delight casual bikers and die-hard cyclists alike.

Thousand gloves, in caramel or burgundy, are available online with prices starting at $36.

Images courtesy of Thousand