Brancale’s Leather Cycling Gloves

The Italian heritage brand gets an American relaunch with the same insistence on old world quality


In the neon heyday of the ’80s, Italian cycling brand Brancale was something of a fixture in the peloton at the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia. Known for their shoes, helmets and day-glow shades, the brand disappeared somewhat mysteriously in the mid ’90s. Recently though, the brand was reborn (albeit this time in the US) with a focus on quality European craftsmanship and timeless design—meaning there’s no inkling of neon. We recently picked up a pair of Brancale’s Leather Cycling Gloves and were instantly impressed. Handmade from premium African hair sheep leather, the gloves have an ultra-soft, buttery feel. Moreover, the leather is naturally breathable and surprisingly tough—given its softness. Meanwhile, padding in the palm and thumb cuts out vibrations from the road.

While it’s tempting to keep the gloves in pristine shape, they’re even better once broken-in and will become a second skin after a couple long rides. The Leather Cycling Gloves sell for $180 at Brancale. Check out the relaunched brand’s full offering of cycling apparel and accessories online.

Images by Cool Hunting