The ultimate socks and gloves for pushing the limits when cycling the city

by Scott Cooke


As an avid city cyclist and man constantly on the move, finding accessories that can keep up with my lifestyle is a challenge within itself. Although I’d heard good things about the brand, I was reluctant to try DeFeet socks and gloves at first, due to their ultra sporty appearance. But after three weeks of wearing them through my daily urban triathlon, I am amazed by how useful they really are.

Made from CoolMax performance fabric, the Dura gloves are the perfect weight for riding my bike. The finger grips are not only great for switching gears, but they function so well I can easily grab stuff out of my pocket, mash buttons on my Blackberry and most impressively, pull credit cards out of my wallet all without taking the gloves off. The extremely comfortable fit improves with incessant wear, and the bright neon color helps keep me visible when signaling through NYC traffic.

The machine-washable Dura gloves come in 4 sizes and cost $15 from DeFeet

defeet-gloves2.jpg defeet-gloves1.jpg

Cushioned in all the right spots, DeFeet’s $12 Cyclismo socks actually do help with my pedal pushing, balance and stability. They are comfortable, higher than an ankle sock and lower than a basketball sock, and they don’t grab manly leg hair. I also like the colorways, with the red and blue stripes and white base they keep a classic look suitable for casual days at the office.


Defeet is a world-class cycling company founded by a group of cyclists to meet the needs of road warriors everywhere. Their collection of socks, gloves and other bike accessories all sell online from the DeFeet website.