Goruck Brick Bag

New add-on compartments from the makers of military-grade gear


The expectations for any great backpack are simple—strength, functionality and dependability. Goruck was born from a career Special Forces member’s experiences in the field. Based on the necessity for high performance gear in extreme situations, Goruck has brought that military toughness to a consumer level. Today, going a step beyond their more traditional rucksacks, Goruck debuts the latest edition in their line, a modular add-on for organizing stowage.


The Brick Bag is a result of the Goruck Challenges, up to 10-hour-long team endurance events where participants carry Goruck bags filled with bricks as they engage in physically rigorous activity. During events they needed a way to separate the bricks they were carrying from the other contents of the bag. The solution was the creation of a new bag-within-a-bag thats lets the user customize their gear, creating additional compartments on the fly.


In addition to acting as a stuff-sack, the bag can also be used as a compression bag—allowing for squishing down of clothes or other soft materials to a more manageable size. The Brick Bag reflects the strength, simplicity and military-styling of the entire Goruck line while maintaining their modern design.

The bag is available from Goruck’s online store for $95.