Gifts for the Intrepid Traveler

Our top picks for jetsetters, wanderlusters and well-heeled vagabonds

For the tireless explorers in your life, the best gift is something that turns the art of travel into something of seamless style. The Cool Hunting Holiday Gift Guide is loaded with options, but find below a few of our favorite items that are sure to outfit the most rugged or well-heeled travelers on your list.

Travel_RoundupGG4b.jpg Travel_RoundupGG4a.jpg
Proenza Schouler PS1 Travel Bag

The wildly coveted series from Proenza Schouler now includes a super luxe travel bag. Made of Italian leather with a wealth of pouches and compartments for storage, this spendy gift is for the lucky someone at the very top of Santa’s nice list.

YOUniverse DIY Globe

Help your kid imagine their future vacations with the YOUniverse do-it-yourself kit. The set allows them to create their very own globe and customize it with 35 travel design elements and 30 travel routes along with their own personal photos.


Apolis Survival Bundle

Channeling the most elemental necessities of the global citizen, this survival pack from Apolis has all the basics down. The bundle includes a swiss-made Sigg water bottle, Imco lighter, Maglite flashlight, journal and gravity-defying space pen.

Eshu Road Warrior Travel Pack

This skin-care trio from Australian brand Eshu delivers optimum protection without the fuss. Helping to protect skin from dry and harsh climates, the shaving gel, face wash and moisturizer in this pack has you covered throughout the winter.


Bicycle Travel Journal

Nigel Peake’s illustrations have long graced the catalogs at Hermès, and this travel journal comprises a selection of the talented artist’s personal sketches. Designed with the cycling enthusiast in mind, the journal features 20 illustrations with sections divided by countryside, mountain and city rides.

Richards’ Secretary Trunk

For the jet-setting romanticist, this replication of an early 20th-century English travelers’ trunk will color their study with a bit of antique charm when they actually are home. As functional as it is luxurious, the trunk has enough storages pace to fit an office or boudoir and bears the name of Tom Richards, the long-forgotten owner of the original specimen after which this reproduction was designed.


Goruck Field Pockets

These military-grade rucksacks provide a durable, efficient storage system on the fly. With the freedom to be snapped together for contiguous use or employed as standalone packs, they have your operational requirements in mind.

Juice Pack Air for iPhone

The best of the current crop of external batteries, the Juice Pack Air is an ultra-thin battery case for your iPhone. With a 1500 mAh capacity, it virtually doubles the phone’s charge time and comes in red, white and black colorways.