Head Porter Plus: The Newest Basic Style


"The newest basic style"—the latest from Tokyo-based designers Head Porter Plus—is the name they've given their recently-released spring clothing line. Originally known for their bags, Head Porter added the "plus" and have been designing clothes for some time now. They offer clean and sharp design, accenting outstanding quality with originality that takes urban apparel to a more sophisticated level.

Branching out from their usual set of classic long-sleeves, tees and sweatshirts, this new line introduces men's dress shirts, jackets and polos. The women's spring collection is arguably more captivating with breezy tank-tops, skirts and summery belted dresses.

Visit Honeyee to view "the newest basic style." Hard to find outside of Tokyo (and not so easily found within Tokyo either), Head Porter Plus is available for purchase online and in person at Firmament in Berlin and at Head Porter Annex in Tokyo.