Inara Organics Babussu Lip Balm


Not all lip balms are created equal. Inara Organics Babussu lip balm is a superior solution for a soft smooth lips with a commitment to quality, environmentalism, and good design. Instead of a lint-attracting tube, Inara is packaged in a wafer-thin rectangular metal box with door that slides back. When ready to dab, the balm is soft but not soupy, transforming reptile skin into a supple pucker in two or three days. Also first-rate, Inara's sugar rubs, and body crème, like all their products, feature 100% certified organic with a large percentage of raw ingredients purchased fair-trade from women’s co-ops in Amazonian Brazil—even the scents are derived from natural essential oils. Inara’s clean and earthy identity might throw you off, but don’t be fooled—Inara founder Anne Doubleu built her background at Esteé Lauder.

$12 from Inara.

Contributed by Kristopher Irizarry