Leviticus Jewelry


by Ariston Anderson

Up and coming jewelry designer Tara Levitin's vintage-inspired collection, Leviticus Jewelry is an eccentric mix of old badges, trophy-like medals and precious stones strung on varying chain lengths for an old-time feeling with a modern twist.

"My line isn't trend focused or seasonal," Levitin tells CH. "I would like to consider it eclectically classic." She credits her unique style of handmade jewelry to her own eccentric tastes, inspired by old movies, music and other curious oddities.

Levitin's combination of both old pieces and new, often with layered chains, gives her collection a couture look without putting a huge dent in her clients' bank accounts. Our favorite pieces include a necklace adorned with a golden envelope (pictured after the jump), opening up to reveal a hidden message, the death tag made from a replica of an old Wells Fargo plaque (pictured above) and the Ten Commandments necklace, boasting each law on a vintage charm, reminding wearers to always be on their best behavior. (See the Ten Commandments necklace and others, including a pair of ornate earrings repurposed from clock hands, after the jump.)


The collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks are available for purchase starting at about $15 for earrings and up to $140 for necklaces online, where you can also find a special series of one-of-a-kind editions.