“Light of the Moon, Embers of the Evening” by Talon Jewelry

The Brooklyn jeweler draws upon secrets and symbolism of a foregone age

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We first took note of Talon‘s mystical jewelry by way of their vintage vial amulettes back in 2010. Their newest line, called “Light of the Moon, Embers of the Evening,” once again invokes the ancient and the magical, making use of the Tudor rose, opal-studded skulls and love’s earliest means of secret transferral—engraved script.


Cryptic love messages and imagery were once inscribed in baubles, trinkets and treasures. There was a dark mysticism to such secrecy and this has inspired Talon’s modern take. Two new rings and a bracelet, in the “Posey” style, reflect this clandestine romanticism. Their “No Other” ring and bracelet incorporate a hand-engraved vintage floral design, with the simple, yet powerful text “No Other.” The “Light of the Moon, Embers of the Evening” band is hand-engraved inside and out with the line’s poetic, metaphoric series name.

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The other pieces carry similar influence, calling upon the deep mythology of the time. The Ouroboros (sometimes known as the infinity snake) appears, as does Talon’s signature stone—the opal. Every Talon adornment is hand-crafted by jeweler Emily Hirsch in Brooklyn, New York. Hirsch carefully sculpts from recycled metals, ranging from bronze to silver and gold.

You can purchase Talon’s latest line from the online shop, prices start around $85.

Images courtesy of Talon