I. Ronni Kappos for Anthropologie


Those in the know love I. Ronni Kappos jewelry for her brightly colored vintage glass beads and styles that are feminine and playful while still looking unfussy and chic. I just found out her designs will reach a much wider audience with her new line of necklaces and earrings for Anthropologie. (Look for Water Lily, Cipher, Niobe with 24k gold details and Leger necklaces.)

She's using the same high-quality beads that she always uses and she has added some charms to them as well. Kappos says, “I like being in Anthropologie, because a lot of the elements in the store or on the website have an antique or vintage feeling,†which is very similar to her simple designs. And I as a consumer, am happy that more women will be wearing her lovely work.

Generally, I am very secretive of my jewelry discoveries, especially before a designer is well known, or has mass distribution. But I love I. Ronni Kappos’ jewelry so much that I want everyone to wear it.