Loomstate for Barneys Green Reflection Jeans


With a new cut and the only eco selvage that we know of, there's a lot to like about Loomstate's new Reflection jeans for Barneys.

Part of a larger line by Loomstate called Barneys Green, the pioneers of eco-chic denim make Reflections from organic cotton (like all their jeans). But, what sets these raw denim jeans apart from the cadres of similar organic jeans that have been popping up recently is Loomstate's use of narrow vintage shuttle looms to create true selvage (they chose green, of course) without the waste usually produced by the commonly used wider versions.

Cut-wise, the women's style is like a slightly exaggerated pair of A.P.C.'s New Cures: the waist sits a bit higher (they have a 9 1/4" rise), the leg is straight and somewhat narrow and there's an appreciable attention to detail. Those details don't come cheap though, they're $295 from Barneys.

Both the women's and the men's version (named Prophecy) share subtle design elements like a plain cream label, Loomstate's trademark polka-dot pocket lining, an actually usable coin pocket and a vintage white button with the Loomstate logo in relief.

The limited-edition men's pair feels like they have been worn 100 times and are already well-broken in—though they're made with raw denim. A relaxed straight leg fit, inspired by '60s-era styles, it doesn't seem like they'll stretch too much and a natural wear will come on quick. They run a little big but they're the kind of jeans you'll have around for a long time. See a picture here.

by Tim Yu and Ami Kealoha