Sunglasses Made From Recycled Jeans

Acetate is so yesterday, according to UK-based Mosevic

From time to time, brands play outside the two holy materials for eyewear—titanium or acetate—be it buffalo horn by Rigards (the way the Inuits first used it to shield their eyes) or slate and birchwood experiments by Shwood. While UK-based Mosevic isn’t the first to offer frames made from jeans (Ray-Ban has denim version of their Wayfarers, for example), the start-up’s focus on quality is helping them stick out from the big names. The frames are made in Cornwall, England by soaking layers and layers of denim in resin, then pressing them together into a mold.

While their Signature Denim frames are made from new denim fabric—which are stonewashed for a slightly distressed look—Mosevic’s “Worn” collection sources used, damaged and/or discarded jeans. The colors are slightly lighter, as a result. It feels great running a finger over the temple arms (which are reinforced with steel wires), and wearing them on the skin in general. The Zeiss lenses tie it all together for one substantial package. Pictured here is the “Burnell” model from the Worn collection; there are six different frame shapes to choose from and retail for £139.

Images by Cool Hunting