Movement-Minded Suiting by Huez*

The upscale London-based cycling brand's dapper suit keeps its technical side hidden


For all the sartorial advancements in bike commuting apparel, producing a suit that can truly crossover from the bike lane to the boardroom has eluded most designers. Where a taped-seam, zippered pocket or smattering of visible reflectivity (however subtle) is an acceptable feature on the bike, it’s not the most flattering in all settings. Aiming to make a suit that is functional for cycling (and all around comfortable in movement), the dapper cyclists at London-based apparel company Huez* recently dropped their take on the commuting suit. Composed of the Tailored Jacket and Daily Chinos, the suit doesn’t outwardly appear to have been made with activity in mind.

Thankfully, all of the garments’ technical features lie in the materials, construction and internal design features. The jacket is made from premium Italian bi-stretch merino, which is then coated with Teflon to fend off liquids and stains. On the inside an Eschler E1 mesh liner from Schoeller actively absorbs moisture. Dark blue reflectivity is only seen when the working cuffs and collar are flipped up. Meanwhile, the deep blue chinos—made from a blend of Italian brushed cotton with just a touch of Lyrca for maneuverability—feature a subtly integrated chamois for comfort on the bike.

Form, function and quality (unsurprisingly) don’t come cheap as the Tailored Jacket starts at £400 while the versatile Daily Chinos go for £130.

Images courtesy of Huez*