Nom de Guerre x Redwing: Trench Protection Boots


Red Wing Shoes has been turning out heavy-duty footwear at its plant on the the banks of the Mississippi River since 1905. The Minnesota-based company that shoes factory workers, soldiers, ranchers and increasingly urbanites alike teamed up with the designers Nom de Guerre to pair durability and function with style.

The result is a sleek gray six-inch workboot (£289) which has the aesthetic of military function that's becoming a statement in itself. Waterproof and made of durable Nubuck, it features Redwing's white TractionTred sole.

Availble at Nom de Guerre's Manhattan store or online at Oki-ni.

Nom de Guerre

640 Broadway
, Lower Level

New York, New York 10012
tel. +1 212 253 2891