OK47, were founded in the spring of 2000, and have quickly evolved from selling just a small set of t-shirts to a full line of mens and women’s clothing and accessories. Ironically they operate out of the top floor of a converted sweatshop in Toronto’s fashion district–but all of their clothing is consciously made sweatshop free, under an ethical business model. They call themselves deliberate outsiders, the name OK47 derived from the assault rifle, the AK47, carried by revolutionaries worldwide. It’s what they call a “surreal contradiction.” They prefer to ignore trends and make clothing for people going on their own paths. They have a solid line up of mens shirts and a nice blazer with the interior lining printed up with what looks to be stolen watches pinned inside. For the women they have a lot of very nice skirts and shirts. The art that doesn’t make it onto fabrics, becomes available for sale as prints.