Persons of Interest

A slick Brooklyn barber shop offering services in a humble way


In recent years the men’s grooming culture has thankfully evolved, but with steep prices and an equally pretentious atmosphere many salons seem to cater more to the classy gent than the downtown dude. Steve Marks aims to change this with his relaxed Brooklyn barber shop Persons of Interest, an outfit offering solid cuts and sophisticated services but with simplicity at the forefront.


Marks first came upon the idea for Persons of Interest when he visited Sal’s, the original barber shop that occupied the space. Remaining unaltered for 27 years, the shop naturally captured the feel and design of a classic 1970s grooming station. Determined to retain that atmosphere, Marks went above and beyond to keep original features such as the classic barber pole, original chairs and the coastal mural on the back wall.

The attention to detail is also reflected in the level of service on offer. Walk in the door and Marks is the first to give you a warm greeting and a beverage (beer included) from the cooler. If the reading material or conversation isn’t peaking your interest you can always browse the classic suitcase filled with old passports and cash, on display in case someone needs to get out of town quick.


The talent with scissors is just as impressive as the space itself; all of the barbers in Marks’ shop are attentive and skilled, with conversation and advice to match. What they offer is very unique for the Carroll Gardens neighborhood—a high quality cut with no frills and a price tag that’s easy on the wallet. The shop got its name because Persons of Interest “sounds vaguely criminal, vaguely sinister” but you won’t find any shady dealings here. The real beauty of the barber shop is that it fills a gap for men who want a really good haircut ($40) without the glitz of a grandiose salon. To check out this slice of 70s, visit the Persons of Interest website where you can see a full list of their services, including beard trims and more.