Point of View from RVS by V

Radical frames designed by Istanbul's esteemed eyewear fanatic

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Spring is here (in the Northern Hemisphere) and summer is just around the corner, which means one thing: time to step up your sunglasses game. If you want to leave the Wayfarer crowd in the dust, the new Point of View (POV) line from RVS by V is for you. Inspired by the fast glam and bold colors of Hollywood in the 1980s, the POV line’s avant-garde, eclectic frame shapes and color palettes really stand out. “This was the era we were born in,” says co-founder and designer Vidal Erkohen of the ’80s, “it brings back the best memories for me as a designer.”


With over 22 styles—each one available in different colorways—the POV line is extensive, with a range of shapes to suit different style needs. For those seeking a bold statement (or in this case, an exclamation) check out the limited edition “Black Swan” frames. Those seeking a lower profile might be interested in the “Posiden” model; a modern take on a classic aviator-inspired frames, reinvented in contemporary colors. Classical elegance balanced with a fresh twist permeates the collection.


More than just good looks though, the POV line is of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Each pair of sunglasses is handmade in Erkohen’s shop in Istanbul. Erkohen inspects every piece to ensure it’s of the highest quality before it leaves the shop. POV frames are made from Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, sourced from one of the oldest family-run producers north of Milan. Mazzuchelli even produces custom-colored lenses exclusive to RVS by V. On top of that, the brand produces a limited quantity of eyewear to also ensure the highest level of quality.

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RVS by V’s sunglasses are produced in a way that means they look and feel like vintage eyewear but, at the same time, the colors and style tweaks make them entirely current. It’s like the maker is from the ’60s, but has a time machine and a subscription to Vogue.


With a strong cult following, including the likes of Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, the POV line from RVS by V will move fast. POV shades start at $270 and are available online from Monocle Order.

Images courtesy of RVS by V