RVS by V. 212

A bespectacled limited-edition tribute to the NYC and Istanbul area code


Launched by vintage eyewear purveyor Vidal Erkohen, RVS by V. is steadily gaining notice for its retro-styled sunglasses in vibrant matte finishes. The 212, the Turkish label’s first limited-edition frames, recalls the brow-heavy specs of the ’50s and represents Erkohen’s personal connection to New York City and Istanbul, which coincidentally share an area code.


“I was born in NYC, moved to Turkey at a young age and have been living here while traveling back and forth ever since,” he explains. “The 212 was designed to have a bold, brave, and, most importantly, strong character in its design, which I believe is a trait I see and feel in both cities’ people and energy.” Available in a black or white matte finish, the colors symbolize the “contrast and differences” Erkohen observes between the cultures.


Limited to 100 pairs, the 212 is available as sunglasses ($700 online) and opthalmic frames. Each is crafted by hand, down to the signature red screws, which are individually painted. For inquiries and to view other collections, visit RVS by V.’s website.