The Return of Schuman + Sullivan Hats

CH founder Josh Rubin's father revives a classic brand and its iconic looks

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A few years after its founding in 1985, Stanley Rubin—father of CH founder Josh Rubin—joined the team at premium hat brand Schuman + Sullivan. Rubin dedicated his time toward development and design, sourcing and sales until the company was sold in ’99 and ultimately shuttered its doors. Today, however, Rubin brings Schuman + Sullivan to Kickstarter in an effort to revive the styles the brand pioneered only a few decades ago—but with contemporary updates. Schuman + Sullivan created a series of firsts: a patterned wool baseball cap, a 100% wool felt safari fedora and more. Those iterations will be returning but built for the present day.

In its heyday, Schuman + Sullivan was as well known for its materials as it was its styles. Rubin plans to continue this reputation, employing pure cashmere and Harris tweed. The Kickstarter funds are dedicated to purchasing new materials. From a new six panel modern driving cap to unbranded baseball caps with leather visors, these are hats that certainly employ nostalgia—but they’re ready for the next generation.

An early bird pledge of $30 to the Schuman + Sullivan Kickstarter could score backers a Shelby Oxford Ear baseball cap. All other hats range from $35-$75.

Images by Stanley Rubin