Belgian-born Tim Coppens started his Shutzmarke brand over five years ago with a design studio, gallery, and store in Antwerp taking a "different approach to street culture in Belgium." Fast-forward to 2006 and the young designer launches his first collection in a line of clothing that will feature a specific, themed design each season. For this initial offering, called Sanbitsar, Coppens limited the line to above-the waist items (a complete collection's due out January 2007), including t-shirts with accents, like an exterior sleeve label in gold thread, a double-layer bottom hem, and an interior patterned seam. The iconography here (skull-like shapes, other creatures, and pinwheel designs) also shows up on hoodies, in sculptures, and gold charms and overall has a tribal, nordic feel and his description of Sanbitsar—"A world where evil ponies are killed, boys don’t cry, seigneurs de la guerre disguise themselves as walrusses, and japan is the beloved land of beer and clowns—sounds like the stuff of myth.