State of Folly Three-Way Bag

With their convertible clutch, the Melbourne-based label delivers function without sacrificing aesthetics

StateofFolly-ThreeWayBag-01.jpg StateofFolly-ThreeWayBag-02.jpg StateofFolly-ThreeWayBag-03.jpg

Carrying a clutch looks great, but once you need to use both your hands—whether for holding snacks, riding a bike or throwing shapes on the dance floor—the accessory can be a hinderance. Enter the State of Folly three-way bag, which transforms from a clutch to a shoulder bag to a backpack—all by switching around its adjustable and detachable strap. Unlike so many functional and convertible bags for women, this circular piece remains spot on aesthetically in each of its three iterations. Made from high-quality, soft leather (with nickel hardware), the bag houses several pockets inside to keep all your treasures safe.

Available exclusively in black, for now, the clever three-way bag is set for release 30 August, though pre-orders are now available online for $179 AUD.

Found thanks to Frankie, images courtesy of State of Folly