VAGX Lumisac Series

The Korean bag-makers' latest collection of carryalls designed for high-visibility city cycling


South Korean label VAGX, maker of highly functional bags for the urban cyclist, introduces the Lumisac series with more understated branding and a fresh new design concept from its previous lines. Named for illuminating strips affixed across the bag exterior, the hi-vis collection may propel VAGX’s status as a solid, design-focused commuter style.

VAGX-bpack1.jpg VAGX-bpack2.jpg

Besides the sleek look of the backpack, messenger bag and waist bag models, the Lumisac line packs technical function akin to brands like Mission Workshop. The fabric and color combinations are consistent throughout, with the black styles comprising 1000D Cordura nylon upper and waterproof truck tarp on the base, and the beige made almost entirely from truck tarp.

VAGX-backlight.jpg VAGX-battery.jpg

The battery-powered light strip can be turned on or set to blink, making the wearer significantly more visible while riding in low-light conditions. Inside, the line is Apple-focused—the backpack stows a pocket specifically designed for a 17″ Macbook while the messenger bag features a special slot for an iPad or Macbook Air.

VAGX-waistbelt.jpg VAGX-messenger-bag.jpg

The waist bag merges a traditional fanny pack with a tool belt, with ample compartments to keep essentials secure. The adjustable design can be worn around the waist, or as a sling style Bandolier bag.

Although VAGX is currently primarily sold overseas, the brand’s presence at New York’s Capsule trade show last week indicates potential for an increased presence in the U.S. The Lumisac backpack, messenger bag and waist bag are available online for roughly $225, $160 and $135 (based on current exchange).