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Stiletto Solutions


For many, the agony that comes with wearing heels is simply a fashion tax that stylish women have to pay. Fortunately for those who've lived with pain and blisters for too long, a new kind of thinking is on the rise. If the following innovations are any indication, the right workout and accessories are the beginnings of a stiletto revolution.

You may have heard about Crunch Gym's Stiletto Strength class—a collaboration between a Radio City Rockette, a Lion King ensemble dancer, shoemakers Cece Chin, and Victor Chu a "shoe technologist," that targets leg and foot muscles based on those used by ballerinas and Broadway dancers. The new workout DVD based on the class, Legwork: the Secret to Sexy Heel Wearing & Fitness, brings the experience into your home. With exercises that focus on strengthening the legs and calves, as well as on balance and posture, followed by a cooldown, the DVD also includes relief techniques prescribed by podiatrists. Aiming to increase sexiness, grace and confidence in heels, as well as building endurance and core strength—while decreasing pain in feet, ankles, and lower back and general daily heel wearing discomfort—pick it up from Legworkfor $20.


Foot Petals line of products eases the love/hate relationship between women and their heels. Tip toes, flower-shaped ball-of-foot cushions that adhere discretely to shoes, preventing feet from sliding forward, calluses from forming, and damage to bones and tissue. Available in several colors and patterns from Foot Petals for $7. At the same price, Haute Heelz and Heavenly Heelz, absorb shock and prevent blisters. The all-encompassing Stiletto Survival Kit includes a variety of cushions as well as a shoe bag for $50.


Based on the premise that women no longer need to sacrifice comfort for style, the new Amazon).

The Minisock, a revealing trouser sock-style accessory designed to work with heels, has been making the rounds lately for its inventive style, but they're also a great way to protect your feet from the brutality of your shoes during the often painful breaking-in period. Available in various lycra and lace models in a vast range of colors, prices range from €20-€40 from Minisock.