This Is Plot Jewelery


Brainchild of a strategist and an art director, This Is Plot's necklaces illustrate the subtle beauty of economics, turning one of the most classic data visualizations into a physical object. The London-based duo (both of ad agency Wieden+Kennedy) handcraft the accessories, which use gold, silver, oil and lead to graph the materials' market performance. Celebrating the "stories of exact facts," each necklace plots the course of its corresponding commodity over the span of thirty years for an elegant representation of its highs and lows.


Strategist Lisa Prince, one of the two behind This Is Plot, came up with the side project while daydreaming in meetings. Thanks to W+K's remarkable ability to embrace creativity, the line now involves several players making it not only the first accessory that we know of to plot data, but also the first collaboration between a strategist, writer, graphic designer, art director, jeweler and ad agency.

Another collection is already in the works, but the current collection sells now from This Is Plot with prices ranging from £94-240 depending on material.

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