Lillot Jewelery


Putting a sophisticated twist on tribal jewelery, Liliam Higa's Lillot collection abounds with animal pendants and tasseled chains mixed with lava beads, fresh water pearls and precious stones for a stylishly casual look. Her latest collection incorporates geometric shapes, like with her Chemistry (above left) and Molecule earrings (above right).


Like her older work, these new designs make bold statement pieces, combining African bone, twisted chain and amethyst spikes in the necklace pictured above right for a striking accessory that brings Brooklyn fashion designers Vena Cava to mind.


Influenced by her time as an apprentice in Japan, the Brazilian designer worked with local village craftsmen and learning about the Ryukyu spiritual traditions from Okinawa. Also drawing on her own upbringing in São Paulo, her works fuse the old with the new, using various raw materials like African bone with fringe or rope for a decidedly modern collection of accessories that speak to metaphysical beliefs.


The Lillot collection sells online or at stores from New York to Singapore, with prices spanning $45-120 depending on materials and size.