Three Jewelry Designers from London Fashion Week


Walking around the accessories section of the London Fashion Week show over the last few days, a noticeable trend of delicate jewelery caught our attention. With long chains, floating butterflies, intricately wrought wood and metal, beautiful combinations of materials and ethereal detailing, each piece seemed to have a romantic story of its own, as though they were born from fairytales.

Known for her wonderful combinations of words and imagery, this season of British designer Amy Anderson's Comfort Station line explores the concept of poison. Anderson embraces an ornate Victorian style with darkly beautiful lockets, chains and laser-cut wood. Look closely at the gothic pieces and you'll find recipes for death by chocolate and botanical illustrations of poison hemlock and deadly nightshade.


Clara Francis shows a lighter side of the fairytale with her extraordinarily detailed beaded jewelery. Butterflies, hummingbirds and flowers sit delicately on large hoop earrings and fine chains with color variations so subtle more that five different colored beads make up one wing of a butterfly. Made using glass beads, all the work is done by hand in Francis' London workshop. David Lupton's charming illustrations beautifully compliment her jewelery on her website.


Using laser-cut brass, Parisian designer Eva Gozlan creates feathers, wings, flowers and dragonflies that float on the end of long chains. We particularly loved the small glass jar pendant holding tiny butterflies inside that look as though they will flutter away if you open the lid.