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Top Five Shoes


These top five shoes of the year exemplify why Cool Hunting is the place to look for off the wall products, designs with a twist, innovative forms and concepts. This is not about flashing big name brands, it's about embracing what's new and exciting. Even if we're talking adidas and Puma we're still talking creativity and limited editions—and it's not all about sneakers either!

adicolor Online Winner
It's a classic image that's been reproduced many many times, but Ari Lankin still managed to create a fresh look with his interpretation of Hokusai's Tsumani on these adidas sneaks.

Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ v2
There's designer customised sneakers and then there's DIY! Get creative with the Puma Mongolian and choose colours and materials to make a totally unique pair of your own.

Max Kibardin
Italians are famous for their taste in beautiful shoes, which is presumably why this Siberian designer decided to set up shop in Milan. His devotion to the craft shows in the lovingly handmade details of these luxurious shoes.

United Nude
What happens when you mix a British shoe designer with a Dutch architect? Some seriously avant-garde creations that's what. United Nude has made the most radical and sexy shoe designs of the year.

Duffer Flip Flops
When you are slopping around and can't face the high heels or the high tops you need a pair of funky flip flops. The Duffers hit the spot.


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