Marshmallow Mountain

Chiaozza’s Marshmallow Mountain A-frame wall pieces bring high design with the playful exuberance of childhood. Based on a Danish folk design, the hand-cut wooden pieces slot together easily and hang on a nail.

Marimekko Mr Roes

Designer Kirsty Anderson creates a wood nymph’s fantasy world with her repurposed fabric-covered vintage pieces. Having scooped up a bounty of Marimekko fabric in Helsinki, she introduces the diminutive Mr Roe, a bright and chipper patterned bust based on the roe deer, and smaller alternative to the collection’s statement stag head.

Studio Visit: Per–Tim

A peek inside the Melbourne label's Collingwood space and an exclusive look at their newest collection

by Ariel Katz Creating lifestyle products and loungewear through fashion designer eyes stands as the mission statement behind new Melbourne label PERTIM. Created by Bernadette Francis and Laura Albee Barton, their up-and-coming label is about to release its second collectionone that’s been designed with the bedrooms and wardrobes of “anyone who enjoys relaxing, quality, and little LOLs” in mind. Their bright studio is tucked away …