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Bold & Noble Type Map

A clever map substituting typography for topography

boldnoble1.jpg boldnoble2.jpg

Ingeniously charting Anglophone countries with city names written in their correct geographical location, Bold & Noble‘s striking maps are a typographic puzzle that stimulate the eye as well as the mind. The U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand and a detailed London are each transcribed, with various font weights drawing attention to the major destinations.

boldnoble3.jpg boldnoble4.jpg

Hand-pulled and screen-printed on a medium weight 100% recycled card, each map is crafted using hand-mixed inks white print on contrasting Duck Egg Blue or Sheer Slate backgrounds.


Created by Hertfordshire-based design duo Bold & Noble, each type maps sell online for £38 and will arrive with a free special edition print through 24 December 2010.