An interactive room planner realizes decorating bliss with just a few clicks

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Recently launching stateside, home furnishings aggregate Mydeco combines interactive tech with an extensive network of vendors for a uniquely easy shopping experience. The site—founded by’s Brent Hoberman—uses their finely-tuned search engine to find the best interior decor available online, but even more handy is what Mydeco allows you to do with your favorite picks.


Their 3D room planning tool enables you to build any room to scale, either by scanning a floorplan or by selecting and modifying one of the templates they offer. The exhaustive set of options means you can kit out rooms down to every last detail, beginning with the style of doors and windows to choosing flooring and finally appointing it with furniture, area rugs, plants and even wall art. The 3D view gives a sense of the scale, while the smart camera view gives an accurate look at how the room’s decor looks in context.

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Another helpful tool, Mydeco’s iPhone app (and soon to launch iPad version) provides another way of realistically furnishing any room. Simply snap a picture of the entire room or specific area you want to furnish, and like the 3D planner, either pull from your wish-list or browse their bevy of decor choices to begin furnishing the room.

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As a clever tool for amateur and professional interior designers alike, Mydeco allows you to “get more out of your home,” as Hoberman intended—or creatively waste a little time.

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While Mydeco typically only serves as an interior design resource, as part of their U.S. launch they’re offering an online boutique peddling a hand-picked selection of homewares from independent U.K designers. Like an edited Etsy, a few of our favorites include furniture designer Alexena Cayless‘ Ceramic Hip Flask, Zia Meadows‘ handmade vintage lampshades and Takae Mizutani’s Egg & Soldiers ceramic holders.