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Brand Van Egmond Anniversary Collection

The sculpture-inspired Dutch lighting brand celebrates their 20th with a new collection

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Commemorating 20 years of success in the design world, Brand Van Egmond is celebrating their anniversary with a new collection of their “haute couture” lighting. With an approach based on the idea of making real sculptures, BVE’s fixtures (many of them custom-made) bring art from the “ground to the ceiling,” while also enacting a fascinating mix of craftsmanship and technology. New models include the classic chandelier shape draped in strings of beads, Coco (pictured at bottom), and Digital Dreams, an experimental fixture that incorporates digital frames to illuminate photos of your choosing.


In addition to their own collection, Brand Van Egmond has partnered with many premiere brands to offer their lighting expertise. From stores (like Neuhaus Chocolate and Saks Fifth Avenue) and restaurants (the beautiful Glenneagles in Scotland) to hotels (Gansevoort NY and Hilton Paris) to a theater (in Berlin) and a Delft, NL church, Brand Van Egmond has left their signature light for the world to see.

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The brand’s first book Lighting Sculptures will be for sale at key bookstores worldwide later this year. The book showcases Brand Van Egmond items like their very first lamp and chandelier, along with creative collaborations for the 76th Academy Awards and the 2008 World Expo in Zaragoza.

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Brand Van Egmond luxury lighting fixtures are available for sale here.


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