Daphna Laurens

A Dutch design duo probe the meaning of value in a material world

Isaacs_Vault1.jpg Isaacs_Vault2.jpg

A study on value, the transformer-like Vault structure from the prolific Eindhoven-based design team Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders speaks to the notion that truly priceless items are intangible, and can’t be tucked away in a safe. Comprised of mineral pyrite, the Dutch duo aim to lure the foolish, who will discover the five small drawers merely contain mementos and photos that are actually of no value to them.


Also intriguing is their limited edition range of porcelain and oak lamps, called Tafelstukken. A “contemporary translation of the classical centerpiece,” the 15-piece set plays with material and light for a simple dramatic effect. The lamps span $795 to $1,040 and can be ordered online or from Amsterdam’s Frozen Fountain boutique.